Travel is a luxury, an enchanted interlude in a life that is sometimes too intense. For Nautil, from the moment the idea of a getaway is born until the grand departure, the organization of a trip must allow the client to breathe a sigh of relief in advance, to be assured that everything is taken care of and that his needs are perfectly understood. Through its brands and agencies, Nautil is at the service of travelers who want to leave with peace of mind. Our consultants are attentive to the needs of people who want to offer themselves the luxury of organizing their vacation from A to Z, so that they can enjoy the softness of the most beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean, play their favorite sport on the best golf courses in the world, travel through the natural parks of Asia in optimal conditions, offer themselves moments of well-being and punctuate their stay with visits at a pleasant pace…

Our vision of travel and our expertise

Know-how & Services

Specialized in exceptional travels, Nautil offers a selection of destinations and travel formulas that can be adapted and modified at will. Mainly focused on the Indian Ocean and Asia, the offer is established based on inspection trips, regularly carried out throughout the year by all our travel consultants. Surrounded by trusted partners who share the brand's values and the high standards, Nautil offers travelers, in addition to the team on site at their destination, 24/7 assistance to guarantee the best possible service, and a light-minded trip.


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